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Social media

Today, Social Media is a key marketing channel for corporations of all sizes, and more and more see it as a necessity for their business to be active in the various social networks. But for many companies it can be both difficult to learn all the aspects of social marketing as well as being very time consuming to maintain. Thats why SmartCMS contains a multitude of tools and automatic features that make it both easier and more effective to use social media in all of the companies marketing, communication and customer care.


SmartCMS has built in connections to all of the most common social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And since SmartCMS is a cloud service with continuos free updates you will automatically get access to the latest new social media services as we add new connections.

SmartCMS connects with social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Social feed in SmartCMS works like an environment monitoring service


With SmartCMS you can easily monitor what is being said about your company, brand or products in blogs and social networks. SmartCMS automatically searches for the keywords you wish to monitor and instantly gives you an overview of your brand activity on the web while also making it quick and easy to interact with and answer to comments and posts no matter where they were posted on the web.

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Thanks to the built in social media connections in SmartCMS you can automatically and without any hassle publish information from your website to Facebook, Twitter and more. If, for example, you are publishing a press release about a new product on your website, then SmartCMS will also publish that information in all social networks, newsletters or other marketing channels where you want to be seen. And it's all done for free without you having to do any extra work saving you both time and money.

With SmartCMS you can send messages to Google , Twitter, Facebook och LinkedIn at the same time