Choose where and when to publish

To get your message out there you need to be where the customers are and with todays ever expanding and changing media landscape it usually means that you need to publish information on several webpages, in newsletters as well as social networks which is both time consuming and expensive.
That is why we have created functionality in SmartCMS which makes it possible to automatically and without any extra work publish information such as news and press releases to several services and marketing channels all at once.

Now you don't have to choose whether to use a news letter, blog or Facebook to communicate your message. With the mass publishing functionality in SmartCMS you can just as easily spread the information to all the web sites, services and channels reaching all potential customers no matter what services they use on the Internet.


Start by choosing where you want to publish the information. It could for example be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the company newsletter, blog or as a press release or news article on the webpage.


Fill in the information that you want to publish. With the visual editor in SmartCMS you can easily design and format you message with text, images and videos. To achieve maximum exposure and generate as much traffic as possible back to your site, SmartCMS will automatically present your message in the most optimal way for each service.


The last thing you need to do is to set the date and time for when the information should be published, which allows you to work when it suits you best. You can for example prepare and write a press release in advance and have it be published at a later time. SmartCMS will take care of pushing the press release to both the website and all the other services you selected at exactly the time you specified.